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 Looking back

"Hayouhi" Women's Association was founded in November 1990 on the basis of Women's Club, which operated since 1987, and was registered at the Ministry of Justice in January 1991. It was the first registered non-governmental organization in Armenia, which in the process of democratic changes clarified its mission: to raise women's role in political, economic, public and cultural fields of life. The programs of "Hayouhi" comprised of conferences, round tables and seminars on women's problems, measures to protect women’s copyright, including organization of the exhibitions of amateur female painters and masters of applied arts' works, charity concerts, financial support for single mothers, widows of the fallen freedom fighters, families of 1988 Spitak earthquake victims.

The Association organized series of seminars on sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as a number of seminars on fine arts for high school children and students and presented its new publication: “Dictionary of Fine Arts Terminology” (by Mary Yerznkyan, 1996). 

In 1997 "Hayouhi" reconsidered its mission and regulation. The organization made a decision to focus its activity on protection of women and their children's rights and developed a new strategy. Thus, "Hayouhi" was renamed into Women's Rights Center and reregistered at the Ministry of Justice in November 1997.


Provision of Supportive Services for Combating Domestic Violence
Appropriate Legal Package on Domestic Violence in Armenia
Awareness Raising and Educational Campaigns

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