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Provision of Supportive Services for Combating Domestic Violence

Women’s Rights Center (WRC) Services are free of charge and are aimed at revealing cases of domestic violence and providing adequate assistance to women victims of domestic violence and their children. From 1997 WRC has launched the National Hot Line service providing free psychological counseling and legal assistance to the abused women and their children. When consulting by phone is not enough to assist them they are invited to Women's Support and Drop-In Center (WSDC) for provision of face to face psychological counseling, legal assistance, attorney’s support in court and social help. Confidentiality is the primary and the most important principle according to which the National Hot Line and WSDC services are provided. In different periods from 2002 till 2013 WRC operated Women’s Support and Drop-In Center not only in Yerevan, but in the 4 regional centers of the biggest regions (Vanadzor, Gavar, Ijevan, Kapan) and the Emergency Shelter with Transitional Housing for women victims of domestic violence and their children. In 2015 - beginning of 2017 we had a Network of 8 Crises Centers: one in Yerevan and seven in the regional centers of 7 regions (Ashtarak, Armavir, Eghegnadzor, Gavar, Gyumri, Ijevan, Vanadzor). 

Our organization has operated a Network of 6 Crises Centers (one in Yerevan and five in the regions, located in central regional cities: Gyumri, Vanadzor, Eghegnadzor, Gavar, Ijevan) and also refers beneficiaries to the Emergency Shelter with Transitional Housing. In the last 27 months 95 women and 130 children were hosted at the Emergency Shelter.  

All services provided by Women’s Rights Center serve as a data basis for case studies to find out the scale, forms, geography, causes and consequences of domestic violence for the further use in the advocacy and lobbying process through mass media.


WRC National Hot Line Service provides free psychological counseling, legal assistance and social help to women-victims of domestic violence and their children by phone. Moreover, the service has an informative significance for attaining information on domestic violence in Armenia. It helps to understand the causes and peculiarities of domestic violence and, consequently, to take appropriate precautions and safety measures and to provide adequate assistance to domestic violence victims in future. Considering the fact that the majority of cases can have progressive character, the National Hot Line Service provides ongoing psychological counseling and legal assistance. The first psychological counseling is provided to the caller regardless of the nature of issue. When a caller is already identified as a victim of domestic violence, she is provided with the full range of services. 

Women's Support and Drop-In Center

Due to different circumstances there are cases when counseling through the Hot Line is not enough to provide efficient assistance to women victims of domestic violence. There are cases when the situation is so complicated that face to face meetings are extremely important. Therefore women victims and their children are invited to Women’s Support and Drop-In Center for provision of individual psychological counseling, legal assistance, attorney's support in court and social help. Within the framework of comprehensive approach WRC also provides women with legal counseling and assistance, legal consultation on women's rights, composition of necessary complaints, claims, and allegations.   

Women’s Support Group

Women’s Support Group (WSG) meetings are held for women victims of domestic violence who applied to WRC services. The aim of the meetings is provision of regular group psychological therapy which is proved to be very effective. Participation in WSG can be a key to unlocking the loneliness, shame, and isolation that surround abused women. These meetings are held under the slogans “You are not alone" and “It is not your fault” and fight this isolation on different levels and periodic participation in these meetings stimulates the rehabilitation of women's psychological balance. The concluding part of the meetings is lawyer's consultation on women's legal rights and Q&A sessions for the participants. Throughout the period of January 01 - July 31, 2017 seven meetings of Women's Support Group were held with 34 participants.   

Children Support Group

Children Support Group (CSG) meetings are held for beneficiaries’ children of different ages with the purpose to unite children who are subjected and/or witnessed violence in their families. The children who have experienced this kind of abuse are very vulnerable. These meetings are organized in the friendly and comfortable manner and our psychologists use different therapy methods including fairy-tale therapy, art therapy, drama therapy to help these children discover new way of life analyzing their attitude towards the surrounding world, people and their family members. Throughout the period of January 01 - July 31, 2017 three CSG meeting was held with 16 participants. 

Provision of Supportive Services for Combating Domestic Violence
Appropriate Legal Package on Domestic Violence in Armenia
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