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Awareness Raising and Educational Campaigns

Awareness raising and educational campaigns on domestic violence are very significant for breaking silence on violence against women and making society take responsibility for ending it. Besides, they play important role for changing society’s attitude and mindset towards domestic violence.

Women’s Rights Center (WRC) has implemented different awareness raising actions and educational campaigns to throw light upon domestic violence phenomenon, to increase knowledge of our society on violence against women generally and domestic violence particularly. These activities serve as a link between society and Women's Rights Center on explaining what domestic violence is and our services in this regard. They also play significant role in transforming social stereotypes, promoting certain social behavior patterns and values.

WRC also considers the involvement of men in the prevention process of domestic violence highly important. One of the most significant achievements of WRC has been creation of MAVAW Network in January, 2012. We strongly believe that combating domestic violence should and must be done with the participation of men and that men can be friends and associates in the everyday work towards having society without violence and women and children protected from domestic violence particularly. The implemented actions and events of WRC as well as the further ones have a core aim to break the stereotypes and change the widespread and incorrect opinion according to which only women should struggle for women’s rights. Therefore, the collaboration with men and their involvement in WRC activities is a groundbreaking step for changing the attitude towards the issue of domestic violence among different society layers.

All activities, periodical actions, information campaigns and outreach programs realized by WRC are aimed at creating less indifferent and more intolerant attitude towards domestic violence, disseminating information on Women’s Rights Center’s supportive services and engaging mass media in prevention of domestic violence in Armenia.
WRC has organized and facilitated Travelling Conferences in 10 marzes of Armenia. Implementation of travelling conferences started in March 2010. One region has been monthly visited: during 2011 in total 157 settlements were visited, out of which 27 were towns and 130 were rural settlements.     
The aim of organizing and conducting Travelling Conferences throughout the regions of Armenia is to get the participants acquainted with domestic violence issue, its specificities, types and forms, its peculiarities, reasons and effects, its types and situation in Armenia as well as WRC services provided for women and their children subjected to domestic violence.
These meetings were intended to reveal the level of awareness of population in the marzes, marz officials and police on the domestic violence and the situation in Armenia and their involvement in the resolution of domestic violence issue as well.
In general the participants were from various strata, including local self-governing bodies of marzes, the representatives from Municipality of marzes, community unions as well as teachers, librarians, psychologists, lawyers, engineers, vendors, medical workers, housewives and many others.
On October 18, 2013 Women's Rights center organized meeting-discussions in 3 educational institutions in Vanadzor, Lori province, with the students aged 14 and above.
A special appointment was initially set with the management of local educational institutions   to organize meetings. The aim of the meetings was to spread light on WRC activities focused on combating domestic violence. During the meetings the film «No to domestic violence» was screened for the students who were pretty much impressed and excited. The Q/A session preceded the film screening and the students showed a great interest in the film production.
A great majority of the participants noted that they are familiar with the WRC activities implemented. As a conclusion at the end of the meetings the participants were asked to fill in the evaluation sheets with 2 questions incorporated. Analyzing the evaluation sheets it was exposed that more than 90 per cent answered positively whether they were aware of domestic violence phenomenon or not. The next question was whether there is a need on such kind of meetings, and more than 95 per cent participants answered positively, mentioning the importance of conducting such kind of meetings.
In total, more than 100 participants attended the meetings.
The meetings were conducted by Men against Violence against Women (MAVAW) network board member Vrej Madoyan, Lusine Sargsyan (WRC lawyer) and Robert Tsaturyan (Network member).
In 2011 more than 10 000 participants were registered in the meetings. Among the participants there were also representatives of local authorities and police. 75% out of entire participants were women and 25% were men. 
A great amount of flyers and booklets are distributed during the conferences in order to share them with other settlers. Flyers and booklets are provided to local museums, libraries and shops as well. DVDs with 2 films - “For survival” and “Zone of Silence” as well as a video with Hot Line phone numbers prepared by the WRC are delivered to the participants. Recently, the film "For Survival" is presented mostly, which does not contain any scenes of violence being of edifying and enlightening nature. In general these meetings create a favorable ground for open discussion, exchange of ideas and dissemination of information in the various strata of society. 
Another effective means of information dissemination is Educational and Informational Campaigns: trainings, seminars and press conferences, consulting and services, investigations, researches and publications. The offline promotional strategy includes spreading information through booklets, leaflets, TV and radio broadcasting and online promoting via internet pages such as facebook.com, wrcblog.net, twitter.com, youtube.com and etc.
The other online promotional tool is mailing list creation for keeping certain government, police structures, certain international and local NGOs, Armenian reporters and journalists, as well as certain individuals updated and informed. WRC PR specialist spreads online newsletter on WRC’s ongoing activities, news, services, publications and events.
Children’s Dance Group "Rhytm" has been established at the end of 2008. The group has started its rehearsals in February 2009. Alongside with awareness raising, creation of this groups aimed to help children of the WRC beneficiaries to overcome physiological problems. Such approach has successful and positive influence on children and helps them to be better integrated into the society.  

Provision of Supportive Services for Combating Domestic Violence
Appropriate Legal Package on Domestic Violence in Armenia
Awareness Raising and Educational Campaigns

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