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Appropriate Legal Package on Domestic Violence in Armenia

Appropriate Legal Package on Domestic Violence in Armenia is one the one important guarantees of prevention of violence against women.  

The development of appropriate legal mechanisms is one of the key guarantees of prevention violence against women. Women must be free from all forms of violence in order to become full members of society and participate in the social, economic, political and cultural life of the country. According to official statistics, 2333 cases of domestic violence were registered in 2015-2017, of which 1422 (61%) were the violence committed by the husband against the wife.

In 2016, there were 452 incidents of domestic violence against women, in 2015 - 784, in 2014 - 575, in 2013 - about 500, in 2012 - 625. It should be noted that according to the data published by the RA Investigative Committee, the number of murders committed in the family in 2015 was 17% of the registered murders in the country. Until 2017, the current legislation did not provide an effective legal framework for the prevention of domestic violence and the protection of victims of domestic violence.

In December 2017, the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia adopted the Law of the Republic of Armenia on ''Prevention of Domestic Violence, Protection of Survivers of Domestic Violence and Restoration of Solidarity in the Family'' on 31.01.2018 (https://www.arlis.am/documentView.aspx?docID=118672), which regulates the prevention of violence in the family, the organizational and legal basis for the protection of victims of domestic violence, defines the concept of "violence" in the family; Peculiarities of legal protection of persons involved in reconciliation, information on persons subjected to domestic violence.

Domestic violence is defined as physical, sexual, psychological, or economic violence, such as neglect committed by family members.


 The types of violence in the family are:


• Physical violence

• Sexual violence

• Psychological violence

• Economic violence

• Ignore




  • To call the Yerevan Police Regional or Regional Territorial Departments / official website: www.police.am
  • To contact the Department for the Protection of the Rights of Juvenile and the Fight against Domestic Violence.
  • To introduce the case of violence.
  • To submit to the relevant department of the RA Police, formulate the statement in writing 



According to Article 3 of the Law:

Protection Measures of Domestic Violence 


• Warning

• Determination of Emergency Intervention

• Defensive decision 




 Development of Strategic Litigation on Domestic Violence


 With the aim to achieve widespread social changes and improvements regarding women’s rights, particularly their right to live life free of violence, WRC carries out strategic litigation.To advocate and lobby domestic violence to the best, it is important to litigate and publicize cases of domestic violence. 

To raise public awareness on domestic violence and the necessity of the relevant Law in Armenia is another challenge to be faced. Widely condemning and publicizing litigation process of domestic violence incidents is of major importance. In order to develop strategic litigation of domestic violence cases, we realized a number of activities: investigation of international practice on strategic litigation, collection of appropriate cases for strategic litigation, permanent contact with WRC regional Crisis Centers for updates on new beneficiaries and other relevant actions.


 In the framework of strategic litigation, our organization provides not only free legal and psychological counseling, but also technical assistance (publicity, media coverage). Women subjected to domestic violence may apply to Women’s Rights Center to arrange their juridical protection within the framework of the given project.


Elaboration of the Training Manual on Domestic Violence


To raise awareness of the issue among police servants dealing with domestic violence and enforce adoption of the relevant Law Women's Rights Center elaborated a Training Manual on Domestic Violence.

This Manual presents general description of domestic violence, its types, peculiarities, reasons and consequences, methods of prevention as well as clarifies the role and interference of police servants in similar situations.

The Manual is intended for the students of RA Police Academy, RA Police Training Center and RA Police servants but it can be also useful for the students of Law departments, researchers and lecturers, governmental and non-governmental organizations dealing with domestic violence issues.

Provision of Supportive Services for Combating Domestic Violence
Appropriate Legal Package on Domestic Violence in Armenia
Awareness Raising and Educational Campaigns

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