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Domestic Violence Prevention


It is more than 22 years that Women’s Rights Center (WRC) works on combating domestic violence in three directions: law enforcement, supportive services and raising awareness and educational campaigns manifesting holistic approach to the problem. The purpose of these combined activities is prevention of domestic violence in the country, protection of women-victims and their children and prosecution of perpetrators.


Elaboration of Appropriate Legal Mechanisms which is one of the important guarantees of prevention of violence against womenLaws on domestic violence vary by country. There is an appropriate Law and supplementary legal package on domestic violence in Armenia at the moment, which will assist in the resolution of different problems in this area. Every day we work with women victims of domestic violence and are convinced that a woman has to be free from all forms of violence in order to become a full member of society and take part in social, economic, political and cultural life of the country. (Read more)


•Provision of Supportive Services

WRC Services are free of charge and are aimed at revealing cases of domestic violence and providing adequate assistance to women victims of domestic violence and their children. From 1997 the Center has launched the National Hot Line service providing free psychological counseling and legal assistance. When consulting by phone is not enough to assist them women victims and their children are invited to Women's Support and Drop-In Center (WSDC) for provision of face to face psychological counseling, legal assistance, attorney’s support and social help. Confidentiality is the primary and the most important principle according to which the National Hot Line and WSDC services are provided.

Our organization has operated a Network of 6 Crises Centers (one in Yerevan and five in the regions, located in the central regional cities: Gyumri, Vanadzor, Eghegnadzor, Gavar, Ijevan) and also refers to the Emergency Shelter with Transitional Housing for women victims and their children. In the last 27 months 95 women and 130 children were hosted at the Emergency Shelter. (Read more)


•Awareness Raising and Educational Campaigns

Awareness raising and educational campaigns are very significant for breaking silence on violence against women and making society take responsibility for ending it. Besides, they play important role for changing society’s attitude and mindset towards domestic violence.

Women’s Rights Center implemented different awareness raising actions and educational campaigns to increase knowledge of our society on violence against women generally and domestic violence particularly. These activities serve as a link between society and our organization explaining the problem of domestic violence and our services in this regard. They also play significant role in transforming social stereotypes, promoting certain social behavior patterns and values. (Read more)

Provision of Supportive Services for Combating Domestic Violence
Appropriate Legal Package on Domestic Violence in Armenia
Awareness Raising and Educational Campaigns

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