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"For Survival" open air film screening (14.06.2012)
Women’s Rights Center implemented “For Survival” open air film screening in Lovers’ Park (Yerevan)  on June 15. The aim of the action was to raise public awareness on domestic violence issue as well as to enlighten the corresponding activities of WRC in the field of preventing domestic violence.
Note, that the film “For Survival”  was created by “Rivista” advertising company with the consultancy and financial support of Women's Rights Center.  The film does not contain any scenes of violence as it is of informative and edifying nature and is aimed for all social groups.
The day of the action – June 15, coincided with the day which is celebrated in Armenia as the “Day of State Emblem” symbolizing the independence and freedom of our country. In light of this, “Life free of violence” concept  was stressed and was drawn to the audience’s attention and, therefore, the action also supported precisely that concept. 
Before the film screening “Rhythm” dancing group of  WRC had its beautiful dance performance. Different age-related groups (young people, elderly men and women) were present at the action and all of them were handed out informative booklets and leaflets. Likewise, women's silhouettes representing real stories of women who were subjected to violence, were placed in the park attracting all the passers-by attention.  
It is worth of mentioning that the action was fully succeeded as it reached its core aim and pleased all the present people who were impressed and inspired by the film and its plot.

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