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WAVE Training Institute 2012 Training in Vienna, 10-14th of December (17.12.2012)

  This year Women against Violence Europe (WAVE) held a 5-day training (10-14th of December) in Vienna. Holding of the training WAVE –Training-Institute aimed at uniting and strengthening the capacity of experts working at women’s support services and establishing common quality standards for the survivors in Europe. This year, the focus of the training institute was “Skill Building in Risk Assessment and Safety management – strengthening capacities to protect women and their children in high risk situations”.

  19 participants from 16 different countries took part in the training. Members of WRC staff were also participating in the training.

The training covered the topics of exchange of experiences regarding the protection and support of women and children in high risk situations, also the right of women and children to be protected from violence – International law and obligations (Council of Europe, UNCEDAW). Afterwards the key tools crucial for risk assessment and safety management, also safety management within the organization, women centered approach and key aspects of safety planning (based on PROTECT II project and Learning Material) were discussed.

The training also covered the topics on developing a partnership approach and establishing effective agency frameworks.

The participants of the training were also invited to visit the WAVE office, where they have exchanged information about their work.

As a conclusion of the WAVE Training Institute the participants were asked to fill in feed-back forms and were presented with certificates of participation.


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