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ASTRA Network Consultation Meeting in the Post -2015 Agenda (03.02.2013)

This year on 26-27 January a Consultation Meeting in the post -2015 agenda was held by Central and Eastern European Women’s Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. A representative of Women’s Rights Center was also there.

The meeting started with welcome remarks and introductions. Later on the main challenges of the Health status in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia were introduced by the participants of the meeting. The participants also discussed the main challenges on the health services in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia and lessons learnt from MDGs, then positioned health in international development agenda – before 2015 and beyond 2015, highlighting the health priorities for post 2015 and distinguishing the future health goals and the regional priorities, measured the progress towards achievement of future health goals, specifying the targets and indicators.

As a finalization the representatives introduced their regional recommendations and a draft paper on Priority health agenda for the 15 years after 2015- key issues was developed and distributed among the participants of the conference. 

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