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Protest Action devoted to Mansuryan's Case (17.07.2016)
On July 13, Protest Action initiated by the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women took place in front of the First Instance Court of Shengavit district. It was devoted to the femicide case which took place on July 8 and resulted in killing of Karine Mansuryan by her former son-in-law and and heavy bodily injuries of her daughter Taguhi Mansuryan and her husband Vachagan Mansuryan taken to “Erebuni” Medical Center. The action urged judges not to pass mild sentences thus providing possible criminals with tools, as well as urged society members especially Mansuryans’ neighbors to break the silence and contact relevant structures in such cases. The participants of the action moved to Mansuryans’ place to light candles to commemorate the axed woman.  
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