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Educational excursion to Matenadaran (14.06.2018)

On July 13 educational excursion was organized to Matenadaran for the children under the auspices of Women's Rights Center. The exurcusion was both cognitive and entertaining.

Being well aware of the Women's Rights Center activities, the staff of Matenadaran not only exempted the children from the fee, but also provided a guide.

The guide of the museum welcomed the children and the escort directing them to the Central Hall. The history of Matenadaran was introduced to them there. The children saw the manuscripts that had been preserved for ages. They learnt about the biggest and smallest books. They were impressed by the bright colors of the books. The colors were made of Cochineal red (Vordan karmir) and various other plants. The children were all ears while listening to the guide.

At the end of the excursion thanks to the competition-game organized by the escort the children strengthened the newly gained knowledge.  

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