Collection of Laws 24 Nov 2020

The books comprise extracts from Family, Labor and Civil Codes, as well as "State Duties Act" and "Reproduction Health and Rights Act".

Language: Armenian

5 editions published in 2001-2002

Prevention of Domestic Violence and Trafficking of Women 24 Nov 2020

The manual is intended for trainers working in the field of prevention of domestic violence and trafficking in women. The manual presents special methodology to conduct trainings on domestic violence and trafficking in women with multidisciplinary groups comprising representatives from NGOs, particularly women's NGOs, law-enforcement agencies, doctors, judges, prosecutors, etc.

Manual for trainers by Ruslana Bezpalich.

Language: Armenian

Pages: 242

Published in 2002

What is Violence 24 Nov 2020

The information included in this book will help women and children who have suffered from domestic violence to protect themselves. It also provides guidance on how and where such women and children may obtain necessary assistance.

Language: Armenian

Pages: 52

Published in 2002

Women's Human Rights: Step by Step 24 Nov 2020

The given manual is a practical guideline to protect women's human rights. Its main purpose is to support all women in realizing their own rights.

Translation of manual of Women's Human Rights by Margret Shuller.

Language: Armenian

Published in 2002

WRC Newsletter 24 Nov 2020

A newsletter on the activities of the Women's Rights Center in Armenia in the sphere of violence against women.

Language: Armenian

6 editions

Published in 2003

Alcohol and Violence 24 Nov 2020

A booklet on domestic violence for women.

Language: Armenian

Published in 2004

The Gender Analysis of RA Legislation on RSHR 24 Nov 2020

The book presents the Gender Analysis of the RA Legislation on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights, which refers to such issues as abortion, contraceptive means and methods and the rights of HIV/AIDS-positive persons

Language: Armenia, English

Pages: 68

Published in 2005

For Survival 24 Nov 2020

The history and activities of the Women's Rights Center are presented in this book from the day of foundation of the organization until now. It includes also success stories of women subjected to domestic violence.

The book is addressed to the wide layers of the society, particularly to NGOs working in the field of violence against women.

Language: Armenian, English

Pages: 64

Published in 2005

Domestic violence and abuse 24 Nov 2020

The purpose of this nationwide study is to determine women's attitude toward domestic violence against women and understanding about its causes and solutions, and to assess the extent of domestic violence and abuse of women in Armenia. It is also aimed at revealing the recent incidents of physical abuse of women at home.

Language: Armenian, English

Pages: 123

Published in 2007

Women’s NGO Forum: Challenges and Perspectives 23 Nov 2020

The book tells about Forum of Armenian women’s non-governmental organizations, initiated by Global Fund for Women, which took place on June 2, 2006 in Yerevan. During this meeting basic problems of women and women’s organizations in Armenia, priorities of their activity, their success and difficulties, strategies and prospects of further development were discussed.

Language: Armenian, English, Russian

Pages: 37

Published in 2007

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